POET Never Satisfied Scholarships are open to students enrolled for Fall Semester 2018 in any two- or four-year post-secondary school, regardless of major or GPA. Never Satisfied Scholars receive up to $5,000 each, and will have the opportunity to visit the POET Sioux Falls campus during the school year.


Which statement best describes your grade level as of Fall Semester, 2018?

I will not yet be attending college in the Fall of 2018. I will be a college freshman in the Fall of 2018. I will be a college sophomore in the Fall of 2018. I will be a college junior in the Fall of 2018. I will be a college senior in the Fall of 2018. I will be a graduate student in the Fall of 2018. Other

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Letters of reference are encouraged, but not required at this stage. Scholarship finalists (selected on or before 3/10/2018) will be required to provide at last 2 references by March 20th to be considered eligible. References may be appended, removed or modified at any time --even after submission-- by returning to this form using the personalized application link shown below. (This link will also be emailed to you upon application submission.)
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  • 2 references


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