True innovation requires constant improvement. POET is committed to further reducing our environmental footprint, so even as we develop more biorefined products, we continue to refine and improve our production process.

WATER USAGE: Since 2007, POET water use per gallon has decreased by over 20%. ENERGY USAGE: Since 2005, POET energy use per gallon has decreased by over 18%.

ETHANOL YIELD: Since 2005, POET ethanol yields have increased by over 8%.

CELLULOSIC ETHANOL: POET's pilot cellulosic biorefinery is designed to create 25 million gallons of ethanol per year from corn residue (cobs and stover), displacing the equivalent of 1.32 million barrels of crude oil and reducing CO2 emissions by 210,000 tons.

GREENHOUSE GAS: POET ethanol provides a 43-78% reduction in GHG emissions compared to gasoline.


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