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NEMO Grain Processors, LLC is a Missouri limited liability company that is comprised of 312 members which has an 81.54% ownership in POET Biorefining - Macon. NEMO Grain Processors, LLC members are primarily local agricultural producers who provide a portion of the plant’s corn requirements.

NEMO Grain Processors, LLC was originally formed as a Missouri “new generation cooperative.” The members of NEMO approved a conversion from a cooperative to an LLC on July 31, 2009. Each member received an equal amount of capital units that had previously been purchased in the cooperative plus any additional capital that they had accumulated. To date, NEMO, LLC has outstanding capital units totaling 8802.

Capital units (shares) in NEMO Grain Processors, LLC are traded via bulletin board. For further assistance you may call Heather Baker at 660-385-2789 at POET Biorefining - Macon.

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