Press Releases

Conferences & Events

POET to share lessons in cellulosic feedstock logistics
10/28/2011 - VP of Commercial Development to take part in Platts Next Generation Biofuels conference in Chicago
POET to discuss future of ethanol from corn, cellulose
10/26/2011 - VP of Corporate Affairs to discuss growth strategies at F.O. Licht conference in Barcelona
POET CEO to discuss ethanol’s role in Ohio
9/16/2011 - Jeff Broin to take part in Ohio Governor’s 21st Century Energy & Economic Summit
POET to discuss ethanol improvements, future growth
9/13/2011 - Vice President of Corporate Affairs Doug Berven to speak at RETECH
POET to share lessons in establishing biomass supply chain
7/21/2011 - Regional Biomass Coordinator to outline POET efforts at renewable energy conference in Grand Forks, N.D.
POET to show how cellulosic ethanol technology can expand quickly after commercialization
7/20/2011 - Project LIBERTY Director to present a broad vision of the industry’s role in the U.S. energy mix
POET to outline sustainability efforts in cellulosic ethanol production
7/14/2011 - Project LIBERTY Director to take part in Soil and Water Conservation Society annual conference
POET to discuss cellulosic ethanol, NASCAR at Fuel Ethanol Workshop
6/23/2011 - Tour of POET’s newest plant also on Indianapolis conference agenda
POET CEO to speak at Milken Global Conference
4/28/2011 - Broin to take part in “Repurposing the Energy Infrastructure” panel May 3
POET CEO Jeff Broin to testify at Senate hearing on high gasoline prices
3/28/2011 - Broin: Ethanol lowers shock of foreign oil price hikes, will do more in future
POET CEO to join panel at Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit
3/24/2011 - Jeff Broin to discuss modern ethanol production, new technology
POET CEO: Ethanol industry must focus on market access to overcome challenges
3/3/2011 - Jeff Broin opens 2nd annual Growth Energy Leadership Conference
Broin to address state of the ethanol industry
11/30/2010 - POET CEO to participate in a panel discussion at ACORE Phase II Renewable Energy in America National Policy Forum
POET Research Director: Gains in grain ethanol production set stage for cellulosic ethanol
9/23/2010 - Greg Hartgraves to give keynote address at Wisconsin Bioenergy Summit
POET: Ethanol industry can do much more
6/28/2010 - Doug Berven to detail ‘path forward for biofuels’ at 25x’25 summit
POET to address sustainability of cellulosic ethanol
6/25/2010 - Senior VP of Science and Technology to speak at biotechnology conference
POET CEO to outline opportunities, challenges for the ethanol industry
6/24/2010 - Jeff Broin to take part in Renewable Energy Finance Forum in New York
POET: Engineering, research lead to efficiency gains
6/24/2010 - Vice President of Corporate Operations to take part in Governor’s ag summit
POET to discuss the future of ethanol, what it means for farming
6/18/2010 - Senior VP Mark Stowers to give keynote address at ASABE conference
POET to outline tech advances at Beijing conference
5/20/2010 - Sino-US Advanced Biofuels Forum speakers include Energy Secretary Steven Chu, other world government and science leaders
POET outlines renewable fuel future in testimony to House Agriculture Committee
5/18/2010 - POET VP: Partnership with Washington will ‘take ethanol to new heights’
POET to discuss green energy, green communication
4/27/2010 - Schock, Doug Berven to speak at Plain Green event in Sioux Falls
Project LIBERTY director to give update of POET’s cellulosic work
2/12/2010 - Director Jim Sturdevant to speak at two Iowa events in coming weeks
POET to outline cellulosic ethanol plans at London conference
2/9/2010 - Senior VP of Science and Technology highlights progress, potential
POET: Ethanol plants can be biorefineries
2/8/2010 - POET VP to discuss how co-products can expand options for ethanol producers
POET CEO to outline ethanol impact at Retech 2010
2/2/2010 - Jeff Broin will speak in the opening plenary session of Washington, D.C. event
POET to highlight coming changes to agriculture
1/5/2010 - Director of Corporate Affairs to speak at two conferences in Orlando next week
POET CEO to discuss global biofuels potential in Copenhagen
12/14/2009 - Jeff Broin joins other world industry leaders for panel discussion
POET to discuss cellulosic feedstock challenges
POET to outline cellulosic ethanol's present, future
POET to discuss ethanol market, coming technology
4/16/2009 - POET rep to take part in Alternative Fuels and Vehicles National Conference
POET to outline ethanol's contributions to America’s economy, environment and security
POET to highlight innovation at national conference
POET to discuss the potential for new jobs from production of cellulosic ethanol
POET CEO to speak at Washington, D.C. forums
11/26/2008 - Jeff Broin will address opportunities for ethanol within a new Congress and Presidential administration
POET panelists to share insight into next-stage biofuels
11/14/2008 - Executives to discuss science, finance behind developing cellulosic ethanol
POET CEO to speak at Forbes conference Nov. 11-12
11/7/2008 - Jeff Broin joins other energy industry leaders to discuss how business and policy work together in a new energy environment
POET CEO to speak at United Nations Forum
9/18/2008 - UN Private Sector Forum to include leading CEOs, NGOs and heads of state
POET Vice Presidents to speak at Fuel Ethanol Workshop
POET Chief Science Officer to speak at Corn Utilization and Technology Conference
5/19/2008 - Steve Lewis to discuss POET’s innovative technologies, BPX™ and BFRAC™
POET CEO to discuss the biorefinery of the future during plenary session of 2008 BIO World Congress
4/18/2008 - Jeff Broin to discuss feedstocks, technology, energy sources and co-product streams of the future ethanol biorefinery
POET to present at World Biofuels Markets Congress
3/11/2008 - Chief Executive Officer will discuss critical issues surrounding the biofuels industry
POET to present at National 25x’25 Renewable Energy Summit
3/4/2008 - Director of Corporate Affairs will discuss the future of the ethanol industry
POET to present at National Ethanol Conference
2/19/2008 - Executive VP of Corporate Operations will discuss cellulosic ethanol technology
POET celebrates 20th anniversary
11/30/2007 - U.S. Senator John Thune among those on hand to commemorate the event
POET VP of Research & Development to present at E3 Conference
11/5/2007 - Dr. Mark Stowers will give a Keynote Address at E3
POET to present at Cellulosic Ethanol and 2nd Generation Biofuels Conference
10/15/2007 - VP of R&D will present on Advances in Pretreatment and Cellulosic Ethanol Production
Broin Companies’ VP of R&D to Present at Energy 2.0 - the MIT Energy Conference
Two from Broin Companies to Present at World Biofuels Congress in Brussels, Belgium