Press Releases


Emmetsburg, Iowa named ‘Community of the Year’ in Biofuels Digest annual awards
12/30/2010 - Community, POET work together to pioneer ethanol production from biomass
New ‘Load Toad’ makes feed loading safer, saves money for ethanol producers
12/28/2010 - POET innovation makes transport of distillers’ grains more efficient
POET helps 4th graders study alternative energy
12/21/2010 - Partnership with Dakota State University adds renewable fuel/energy component to ‘South Dakota Road Trip’
POET cellulosic ethanol efforts could have nearly $38 billion impact on Iowa
12/17/2010 - New analysis outlines jobs, economic output of Project LIBERTY work
New general manager takes over at POET Biorefining - Fostoria
12/8/2010 - Ohio native Mike Bishop leads 69 million gallon-per-year ethanol plant
POET ranks #3 in ‘Hottest Companies in Bioenergy’
12/7/2010 - POET, Amyris, Solazyme remain in top 3 for second year
Broin to address state of the ethanol industry
11/30/2010 - POET CEO to participate in a panel discussion at ACORE Phase II Renewable Energy in America National Policy Forum
POET Biorefining – Caro helps bring two new ethanol blender pumps to area drivers
11/8/2010 - Sebewaing, Elkton stations now offering blends of E30, E50, E85 and more
General Manager takes over at POET’s newest ethanol plant
11/3/2010 - Dave Brooks now overseeing operations at POET Biorefining - Cloverdale
New GM leads team at POET Biorefining - Portland
11/3/2010 - Steve Pittman to oversee operations at 68 million gallon-per-year ethanol plant
New General Manager at POET Biorefining - Marion
11/3/2010 - Cliff Brannon leads team at 68 million gallon-per-year ethanol plant
POET welcomes final USDA rule that will help launch the biomass market for cellulosic ethanol
10/21/2010 - POET to pursue BCAP certification for three ethanol plants
Jeff Broin voted No. 2 in top 100 People in Bioenergy
10/20/2010 - POET CEO joins U.S. Secs. Agriculture, Energy on Biofuels Digest list
POET CEO comments on E15 approval
10/13/2010 - Broin: EPA decision a ‘positive first step toward opening the market’
Iowa Power Fund Board to see Project LIBERTY site
10/7/2010 - October meeting will be held at Wild Rose Resort in Emmetsburg
POET Research Director: Gains in grain ethanol production set stage for cellulosic ethanol
9/23/2010 - Greg Hartgraves to give keynote address at Wisconsin Bioenergy Summit
POET, farmers kick off commercial biomass harvest for Project LIBERTY cellulosic ethanol
8/17/2010 - Construction underway on storage area for biomass bales in Emmetsburg, Iowa
POET conducts biomass harvest research in Texas
8/9/2010 - Work will focus on maximizing corn cob removal for cellulosic ethanol
POET: Senate Energy Bill missed an opportunity to do something about foreign oil addiction
Vilsack on E15: ‘I believe it will happen’
7/20/2010 - U.S. Ag Secretary, Ohio governor meet with industry, government leaders at POET Biorefining - Marion
POET, Magellan comment on pipeline report
7/19/2010 - Department of Energy finds that dedicated ethanol pipeline is feasible
Winners announced in POET Tree writing contest
7/19/2010 - Five student poems out of 1,200 entries published in Vital magazine
POET voices support for Fueling Freedom Plan proposed by Growth Energy
POET acquires Putnam County, Ind. ethanol plant
6/30/2010 - Plant to reopen after installation of new processes, technology
Technology at POET Biorefining – Alexandria will save 93,000 gallons of water per day
6/29/2010 - New Total Water Recovery system to cut wastewater discharge
POET: Ethanol industry can do much more
6/28/2010 - Doug Berven to detail ‘path forward for biofuels’ at 25x’25 summit
POET to address sustainability of cellulosic ethanol
6/25/2010 - Senior VP of Science and Technology to speak at biotechnology conference
POET CEO to outline opportunities, challenges for the ethanol industry
6/24/2010 - Jeff Broin to take part in Renewable Energy Finance Forum in New York
POET: Engineering, research lead to efficiency gains
6/24/2010 - Vice President of Corporate Operations to take part in Governor’s ag summit
POET to discuss the future of ethanol, what it means for farming
6/18/2010 - Senior VP Mark Stowers to give keynote address at ASABE conference
POET cellulosic ethanol cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 111 percent over gasoline
6/15/2010 - Biogas production highlighted in lifecycle analysis for Project LIBERTY
POET CEO wins ethanol “High Octane Award”
6/15/2010 - Jeff Broin recognized at Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo in St. Louis, Mo.
POET to outline tech advances at Beijing conference
5/20/2010 - Sino-US Advanced Biofuels Forum speakers include Energy Secretary Steven Chu, other world government and science leaders
POET outlines renewable fuel future in testimony to House Agriculture Committee
5/18/2010 - POET VP: Partnership with Washington will ‘take ethanol to new heights’
POET plants receive railroad safety awards
5/17/2010 - Ethanol plant in 5 states recognized for no non-accident releases
POET to testify before House Agriculture Committee
5/14/2010 - VP Scott Weishaar will outline how maintaining a firm commitment to ethanol will grow the economy and alleviate foreign oil dependence
“Ask POET” video series offers company expertise to answer a variety of ethanol questions
POET, students plant 2,750 trees to celebrate Arbor Day
4/30/2010 - ‘POET Tree’ events take place in 19 Midwest communities
Obama: Ethanol key to “clean energy future”
4/28/2010 - President touts job benefits of ethanol during visit to POET Biorefining - Macon
POET to discuss green energy, green communication
4/27/2010 - Schock, Doug Berven to speak at Plain Green event in Sioux Falls
President Barack Obama to visit POET plant
4/26/2010 - “White House to Main Street Tour” will stop at POET Biorefining – Macon, Mo.
POET announces plans for 3.5 billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol in 2022
4/21/2010 - Technology ready, CEO says, but loan guarantee, policy stability and market access still needed to achieve vision
POET plants receive railroad safety award
POET launches national television ad campaign
4/12/2010 - POET launches national television ad campaign
POET CEO outlines ethanol’s future at Fortune “Brainstorm Green” conference
4/5/2010 - Jeff Broin joins other top business, government, environmental leaders
Technology at POET Biorefining – Hudson saves 108,000 gallons of water per day
3/11/2010 - New Total Water Recovery system cuts wastewater discharge
Technology at POET Biorefining – Caro saves 118,000 gallons of water per day
3/11/2010 - New Total Water Recovery system cuts wastewater discharge
POET plans to cut water use to 2.33 gallons per gallon of ethanol in five years
3/11/2010 - Water reduction is the first goal of Ingreenuity, the company’s new initiative to enhance the environmental performance of ethanol
POET executive appointed to California Air Resources Board expert panel
2/22/2010 - Senior VP Mark Stowers to help improve Indirect Land Use Change theory
Project LIBERTY director to give update of POET’s cellulosic work
2/12/2010 - Director Jim Sturdevant to speak at two Iowa events in coming weeks
POET to outline cellulosic ethanol plans at London conference
2/9/2010 - Senior VP of Science and Technology highlights progress, potential
POET: Ethanol plants can be biorefineries
2/8/2010 - POET VP to discuss how co-products can expand options for ethanol producers
POET CEO to outline ethanol impact at Retech 2010
2/2/2010 - Jeff Broin will speak in the opening plenary session of Washington, D.C. event
POET to discuss cob harvesting at KGLO Ag Expo
1/26/2010 - POET Biomass director to outline Project LIBERTY, potential for farmers as cellulosic ethanol technology expands
Iowa approves final grant award for cellulosic project
1/26/2010 - Board approves final $5.25 million to POET’s Project LIBERTY
Water use continues to fall at POET plants
1/20/2010 - New system at Minn. plant recycles 19 million more gallons of water per year
Landfill gas power system earns EPA award
1/13/2010 - POET/Sioux Falls partnership provides green energy and revenue to city
Potential Ethanol pipeline to create U.S. jobs
1/13/2010 - Report estimates 80,000 jobs possible by POET/Magellan partnership
POET to highlight coming changes to agriculture
1/5/2010 - Director of Corporate Affairs to speak at two conferences in Orlando next week